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Though physicians and researchers have presented numerous and varied treatment solutions for seasonal affective disorder sufferers, sometimes the seemingly simplest solutions offer the most relief. Light therapy has been used to treat seasonal affective disorder sufferers successfully for years. The principle behind the treatment is that the light therapy is powerful enough that it mimics the natural light given off by the sun, therefore offsetting the lack of sunlight and increased time indoors. The brain, once exposed to this bright light, releases chemicals such as melatonin that impose feelings of well-being and naturally elevate patients’ moods.

Light therapy used for the treatment of seasonal affective disorder has traditionally been implemented through the use of a light box. The SAD sufferer is forced to take hours out of his or her day to fix their gaze almost directly at the light source in order to treat their symptoms.

Fortunately, the innovation has come along so that an adequate light source that closely mimics that of natural sunlight can be affixed to the brim of a visor to be worn by the seasonal affective disorder sufferer. The placement of the bulb ensures that the direction of the light is appropriate and remains fixed above the eyes. One drawback of the more conventional light box is that of placement – proper placement is crucial to the success of the treatment so light that originates from below, from directly in front of, or from the sides of the eyes is not effective at mimicking natural sunlight.

It is important to remember that seasonal affective disorder light therapy fluorescent bulbs and tubes should not give off UV rays or should properly shield the eyes from UV rays. Additionally, conventional household lights do not supply adequate light for seasonal affective disorder light therapy to be affective. Finally, the more traditional method of light therapy – the light box – requires the user to remain stationary and stare straight forward during the treatment period.

The light visor is the solution to all of these concerns. Light visors manufactured for the specific purpose of treating seasonal affective disorder should not emit dangerous UV rays. Secondly, the fluorescent bulbs that come with the visor are capable of exerting enough energy to thoroughly mimic natural daylight, giving the treatment a much higher chance of being successful. Finally, since the light visor is worn, seasonal affective disorder sufferers can move about freely during their light therapy treatment and even conduct other tasks that are not obstructive.

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