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SADelite 10,000 SAD Light Therapy Desk Lamp

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Buy SADelite 10,000 SAD Light Therapy Desk Lamp Online

The SADelite is a unique SAD lamp design that delivers 10,000 LUX comfortably with no heat involved. The SAD lamp can deliver the 10000 LUX while only using 85 watts of power! The innovative desk lamp design makes the SADelite lamp easy to use and functional. Place the light on any flat surface and you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of SAD light therapy.

The first thing I noticed about the SADelite was the heavy duty construction of the lamp. This SAD lamp is not a tiny little box that you place directly in front of you to use. The elite is a full sized desk lamp and can be used as a normal light source as well as for light therapy. This lamp is 19” x 11” x 18” and weighs in at 8 pounds so it is no featherweight. The elite is built to last not to look cute on a shelf. The tube life is 5000 hours and the bulbs come with a one year warrantee which is unique to this type of lamp. The lamp itself comes with a five year warrantee so you can rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth from this purchase.

The SAD lamp also utilizes a high parabolic reflector so the light is diffused evenly without any heat. This makes use of the lamp comfortable. Thirty minutes a day and you will start seeing the results in as little as a week. I noticed that after I used the SAD lamp for a week I had an increase in energy, my mood improved, I slept better and I did not experience feelings of depression. The change was amazing and using the SAD lamp is completely safe, unlike tanning beds or lamps. The harmful UV rays are not present in the light spectrum the SAD lamp radiates.

I recommend the SADelite 10,000 to individuals that are suffering from Seasonal Affect Disorder and are in need of a sturdy, reliable SAD lamp. While the desktop models offer sounds and sleep timers, the extra bells and whistles are not necessary. When it comes to delivering the amount of light recommended by professionals the SADelite delivers. The sturdy construction of the SAD lamp and the warrantee makes this a no nonsense product that delivers precisely what it should; effective light therapy for suffers of seasonal affect disorder.

If you are ready to start living a more full life with less stress, increased energy and better sleep then this is the product for you. Order your own SADelite lamp today and start feeling better almost immediately.

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