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Kindle Paperwhite

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Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

HappyLight Deluxe Full Spectrum Light Therapy System

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Those that suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD can now enjoy an all natural method to counter the effects of the condition. SAD lights are becoming more and more popular, especially in areas that receive low sunlight. The benefits of SAD lights have been documented in medical studies and include more than just relieve from SAD. SAD lamps have been shown to increase energy, ease depression and even help regulate the internal body clock.

While there are many SAD lamps available on the market today, it is important to choose a SAD lamp that will meet your specific needs. The lamp also should be easy to use; not cumbersome or difficult. The HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Supplement Light has incorporated convenience into the design of the lamp. The HappyLight utilized two 36-watt fluorescent bulbs that deliver 10,000 LUX of natural light. The bulbs can be ordered and replaced in the event of breakage or burnout; other models can require costly repairs if the lamp burns out or is dropped. The HappyLight bulbs can be replaced by the owner saving time and money.

Another added benefit of the HappyLight SAD lamp is that the unit can be mounted on the wall with a single screw. Most other models are merely desk units that must be used on a flat surface. The HappyLight has an eight foot cord for added convenience. The unit can basically go anywhere you want to go. The HappyLight also features a carrying handle that makes transporting the SAD lamp from room to room a breeze. The makers of HappyLight have designed the lamp with your convenience in mind.

My favorite feature of the HappyLight is the Electronic ballast and Flicker Elimination Technology incorporated into the unit. What this means for the user is that the lamp will come on instantly; basically it does not require a warm up time. The other bonus to this feature is that there will be no annoying buzzing sound when the lamp is in operation. Other SAD lamps produce an aggravating buzzing sound that will grate on your nerves defeating the entire purpose of eliminating stress. Combine this feature with all the other benefits and you cannot go wrong purchasing this unit.

Buy your HappyLight Deluxe lamp today and say good bye to stress. The HappyLight will increase your productivity, your mood and your effectiveness. You will enjoy a better frame of mind and be able to wake each morning ready to take on the day. The only thing you have to do is use the light thirty minutes a day while you are performing your daily tasks.

Philips Hf3318/60 Energylight

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Light therapy has become the latest buzz in the medical community. Experts are conducting studies that show our bodies respond better to waking up to a gradually increasing light that mimics the natural sunrise as opposed to a blasting alarm clock. Our bodies feel more rested and we function better throughout the day when we are awakened properly. Many products imitating natural sunrises are on the market, so it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your needs yet still offers the best value. I have found that when it comes to this type of product it is best to go with a trusted name in the appliance market. The Philips Company offers a wake up light to suit every need.

The Philips name is associated with quality appliances and electronics so it seems logical that the Philips name would offer a quality wake up light. The Philips wake up light understands that each person is different so they have designed their product with that in mind. The intensity of the light can be programmed by the user with over twenty different light intensity settings. The light setting can be set bright enough to use the device as a bedtime reading lamp or soft enough that it can double as a night light. The choice is up to the individual user.

The Philips wake up light also comes preprogrammed with soothing sounds that the user can select to accompany the simulated sunrise. Calming gentle sounds awake the body gradually, not harshly like most alarm clock sounds. Most alarms go off in the morning with a blaring noise that jars you from your sleep basically scaring you awake. Heart thumping the first instinct is to bolt upright in bed feeling panicked and confused. This is surely not the ideal way to begin your morning. At the onset you day is started with pressure and raw nerves. How nice would it be to wake up gradually, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day in a positive, upbeat mood?

Users who have tried the Philips wake up light report feelings of general well being from the first day. Everything from the ultra modern design to the ease of use and customization options prompt great reviews of the product from owners. The Philips wake up light even comes with a brochure created by the National Sleep Foundation that details how users can take advantage of manipulating light for greater sleep benefits. Why not become one of the thousands of users who have learned the secret to a healthier, more productive day by utilizing the Philips wake up light.

SADelite 10,000 SAD Light Therapy Desk Lamp

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The SADelite is a unique SAD lamp design that delivers 10,000 LUX comfortably with no heat involved. The SAD lamp can deliver the 10000 LUX while only using 85 watts of power! The innovative desk lamp design makes the SADelite lamp easy to use and functional. Place the light on any flat surface and you are ready to start enjoying the benefits of SAD light therapy.

The first thing I noticed about the SADelite was the heavy duty construction of the lamp. This SAD lamp is not a tiny little box that you place directly in front of you to use. The elite is a full sized desk lamp and can be used as a normal light source as well as for light therapy. This lamp is 19” x 11” x 18” and weighs in at 8 pounds so it is no featherweight. The elite is built to last not to look cute on a shelf. The tube life is 5000 hours and the bulbs come with a one year warrantee which is unique to this type of lamp. The lamp itself comes with a five year warrantee so you can rest assured you will be getting your money’s worth from this purchase.

The SAD lamp also utilizes a high parabolic reflector so the light is diffused evenly without any heat. This makes use of the lamp comfortable. Thirty minutes a day and you will start seeing the results in as little as a week. I noticed that after I used the SAD lamp for a week I had an increase in energy, my mood improved, I slept better and I did not experience feelings of depression. The change was amazing and using the SAD lamp is completely safe, unlike tanning beds or lamps. The harmful UV rays are not present in the light spectrum the SAD lamp radiates.

I recommend the SADelite 10,000 to individuals that are suffering from Seasonal Affect Disorder and are in need of a sturdy, reliable SAD lamp. While the desktop models offer sounds and sleep timers, the extra bells and whistles are not necessary. When it comes to delivering the amount of light recommended by professionals the SADelite delivers. The sturdy construction of the SAD lamp and the warrantee makes this a no nonsense product that delivers precisely what it should; effective light therapy for suffers of seasonal affect disorder.

If you are ready to start living a more full life with less stress, increased energy and better sleep then this is the product for you. Order your own SADelite lamp today and start feeling better almost immediately.


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Seasonal Affect Disorder affects millions of people around the globe even those that live in areas with high levels of sunlight. Many that suffer from this condition take prescription medication for stress and anxiety. Scientists have now found a new treatment that is effective in helping alleviate the symptoms of SAD. Light therapy has been found to help increase energy, reduce stress and regulate the body’s internal clock. The benefits of light therapy can be of use to anyone who is suffering SAD, stress, jet lag or irregular sleep patterns. The benefits of light therapy can be enjoyed with as little as thirty minutes of exposure a day.

The Medlight II is a convenient and safe way to enjoy the benefits of light therapy right in your own home. The desk sized light produces 10,000 LUX of full spectrum light which has been shown to reduce the effects of stress, SAD and other conditions. The unit measures 10.5” x 9.5” x 3.25” and weighs only 7 pounds so it will fit on a desk or table top with ease. The unit is also easy to pack when you travel so you can enjoy the benefits of utilizing a SAD lamp even when you are on traveling. Since the Medlight II is made of metal, you can rest assured that the SAD lamp will be durable and able to withstand jarring in a suitcase.

The Medlight II SAD lamp is an actual light box. The entire unit emits a full spectrum light as opposed to those units that only utilize small LED bulbs. The unit is still attractive and will fit in with most any style of décor. The Medlight II does not have sounds or sleep timers included, but instead the SAD lamp focuses on providing the exact amount of full spectrum light needed to achieve maximum health benefits. The unit is actually a smaller version of the popular Medlight 2400 and was created to accommodate users who wanted a SAD lamp that offered the same health benefits of a larger unit but that was more compact.

The Medlight II an exceptionally well crafted product that is proudly made in the USA. The SAD light includes a full 90 day warrantee. If you are in need of a product to help eliminate the side effects of SAD or just to help you improve your overall mood and sleeping habits, I highly recommend trying this product. The no nonsense approach and commitment to provided the highest quality product and highest benefit to users makes this product a great purchase.

Bio Brite Lumie Zip Portable Light Lite Therapy Box

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People who travel a lot either for work or pleasure have at one time or another experienced jetlag. Suffering from the effects of jetlag can cause you to become lethargic and even sleep through entire days. Those who travel for work cannot afford to be at less than optimum output and those who travel for pleasure don’t want to waste precious days of their holiday time sleeping. The answer is the Bio Brite Lumie Zip SAD lamp. Light therapy has been proven effective at combating the negative effects of Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) along with helping jetlag symptoms.

The Bio Brite Lumie Zip is a compact battery operated device that provides the recommend amount of light therapy. Since the batteries are rechargeable, there is no high cost involved with replacement batteries. Many units that are battery operated do offer the option to include rechargeable batteries. This means costly replacement batteries and a product that does not operate at peak efficiency when the batteries are running out of juice. The Bio Brite Lumie Zip comes with the charger so you can use the device daily and charge it every night if you wish. What could be more convenient?

The Bio Brite Lumie Zip’s compact size ensures that you can take the SAD lamp with you anywhere you choose to go. No worries about fitting the Bio Brite in your luggage, you could actually just put the unit in your purse. Take the Bio Brite to work with you, on holiday or on overnight stays. While most other SAD lamps can fit on a desk top, the Bio Brite also sports a desktop stand that can be angled to three different positions to suit the user’s needs. The portability of the unit cannot be rivaled by any other SAD lamp.

If you suffer from poor sleep, lethargy in the daytime, stress, anxiety, poor mood, jetlag or depression symptoms then you should try light therapy. Light therapy has been shown to help alleviate these symptoms and some have even reported that they no longer require the use of antidepressant medicines. Something as simple and pure as light can actually help our bodies function the way they were intended to function. Harness the power of Mother Nature with the Bio Brite Lumie Zip SAD light and you will notice the change in your body almost immediately. The best part is that there are NO harmful side effects from the light therapy. Why not order yours today and begin the process of being a happy, healthier you.

LIGHTSHIP 4 in 1 therapy Lamp

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The Lightship 4 in 1 SAD lamp is by far the most advanced SAD light available to those who suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder or whom would just like to decrease their stress levels. This device offers light therapy, plays soothing sounds and includes aromatherapy. No other SAD lamp on the market has as much to offer in such a unique design. Most SAD lights only offer light therapy; a few offer soothing sound options, but I have yet to find a system as comprehensive as the Lightship. Research has shown that stress can have a huge impact on the human body. Large amounts of stress can decrease our immune system; lead to depression, increase blood pressure and even affect our ability to perform everyday tasks. The affects of stress should not be taken lightly. Light therapy is a simple and safe way to combat stress. When light therapy is paired with soothing sounds and aromatherapy, the end result is a dramatic decrease in the stress on one’s body and mind.

This amazing machine is compact enough to set on your bed stand table or to take along with you when traveling. The compact yet powerful SAD lamp utilizes a bright blue light at 470nm generated by 45 LED blue lights. The SAD lamp additional utilizes the power on the built in Anion Generator. The generator releases over 1000000 ions per cubic foot helping to purify the air surrounding you. This just increases the benefits of the light therapy. If that were not enough, the SAD lamp also has six different mood sound categories which include over twenty four different sounds! Choose from soothing bird sounds to ocean waves; with so many options you are sure to find a sound that relaxes and soothes your nerves. The piece de resistance for this SAD lamp is the included aromatherapy function. This is truly an innovative option that I have yet to see offered by other SAD lights on the market. The Lightship offers lavender, rosemary and jasmine scents, once again offering the user a choice and allowing for greater customization to fit your specific taste.

Overall this is one of the best SAD lamps available today. Users rave about the benefits gained by using the SAD lamp. Increased energy, better mood and the elimination of seasonal affect disorder symptoms are just some of the amazing benefits users are experiencing. All agree that this SAD lamp is a great bargain for the price considering all the options the Lightship offers users. This SAD lamp system is ideal for all who suffer from SAD.

Feel Bright Light Visor

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Many new devices have become available on the market today to help those who suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD). While these many of these devices work, the problem is that they are not truly portable. Life today is so fast paced and hectic that many people cannot find the time to use a SAD lamp. Most SAD lamps are desktop models and while you may take the device from room to room, you have to be near an outlet for the SAD lamp to be functional. This is unfortunate since studies have shown that exposure to SAD lamps helps to decrease or completely eliminate the affects of the disorder. Recently, I found a new product that addresses this issue. The Feel Bright Light Visor is a unique and inventive way to utilize a SAD light while on the go.

The device is a set of blue-green LED bulbs which offer great benefits with maximum bulb life span. The blue-green LED bulb also ensures that there is no UV radiation and helps to prevent macular degeneration. The unit offers 10,000 LUX full spectrum natural lighting. The SAD light comes with a visor included, but can be clipped to any visor of hat of choice. You can change visors if one becomes dirty or even just to match a different outfit. Just switch visors, clip on the device and you are ready to reap the benefits of natural SAD lighting. There are no cords or plugs to keep you from going where you please. The device is guaranteed to hold 8000 charges.

The Feel Bright Light Visor is truly a portable SAD lamp that allows the user to reap the same benefits as those using a desk top SAD lamp. The kit comes with all that you will need to start enjoying a healthier life. The charger, lights, visor, carrying case and dual lock attachment all come with your purchase. The lights and the charger come with a lifetime warrantee, while the other items can be ordered for replacement if needed. Many desk models are rendered useless if a bulb burns out of a piece is broken. This will not be the case with the Feel Bright Light Visor.

If you are a busy person who does not stay in one place for too long, I would recommend you consider the light visor. Immediate improvements in your sleep quality, decrease in stress levels, increase in energy and overall feeling of good health will take place once you start using this ingenious device.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp

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It is estimated that over twenty five percent of the populations suffers from some form of Seasonal Affect Disorder. That is a staggering amount of people suffering from stress, poor mood, lack of sleep and depression that can be caused by SAD. Many of these people have to resort to taking prescription anti-depressants to combat the depression associated with the disorder. These medications can be costly and worrisome since these medications actually alter the brain’s chemistry. Now there is a safe and healthy alternative to these medications. It is light therapy and uses safe spectrum lighting to combat SAD.

There are so many SAD light choices available for purchase that the choices can be overwhelming. The Naturebright Sun Touch Plus SAD lamp offers all the benefits that can be achieved by light therapy in a convenient, reasonably priced product. For starters, the SAD lamp offers users 10,000 LUX light therapy. That is the amount recommended by professionals to allow benefits to be realized while maintaining complete safety for the user’s skin and eyes. The device also utilizes the benefits of negative ion therapy along with the light therapy. Negative ions are odorless and provide an automatic antidepressant effect almost immediately. This two pronged approach can combat the multiple symptoms associated with SAD and can even help with issues such as menstrual discomfort. The benefits offered are truly amazing. Many users have noted increases in energy, better sleep habits, less stress and an overall improvement in their mood and mental well being.

Light therapy is nature’s remedy for many of the afflictions that affect the human body. The Naturebright Sun Touch Plus offers light therapy in a convenient manner. The device measures 39.4 x 29.2 x 22.9 centimeters and only weighs 2.7 kilograms. Basically, it is about the size of the average lighted makeup mirror and will fit on most tables or desktops. You can even hold the SAD lamp comfortably if there is not a flat surface available. The size even allows for the item to be portable so you can take it with you to work on when you travel. You need never be without your light therapy again.

Order online today and start enjoying a healthier, happier life. Common benefits gained by utilizing light therapy include relief from symptoms such as:
• Winter SAD
• Sleep difficulties
• Low moods
• Fatigue caused by irregular work shifts
• Menstrual and menopause discomfort
• Irritability
• Excessive tiredness and fatigue
• Jet lag

Syrcadian Blue Light Therapy Device for SAD

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Medical studies have shown that light therapy can greatly decrease the affects that Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) can have on the body. Those individuals with SAD can benefit from blue light therapy especially during the long, dark, dreary winter months. Numerous desktop models are available but those can be cumbersome requiring space and a cord in order to be used. The Syrcadian Blue Light Therapy Device answers that problem with a truly effective way to utilize light therapy. The Syrcadian Blue Light SAD lamp was developed with the help of medical doctors to ensure that the maximum benefits of blue light therapy would be realized.

The Syrcadian SAD lamp is unique in that it actually clips to the top of your computer monitor and then plugs into the computer via a USB cable. This makes it easy to get the recommend amount of time each day of blue light therapy recommended by experts. Who doesn’t spend at least an hour on their computer each day? Now while surfing the internet and checking your email you can be improving your health. You could even take the SAD light to work with you and use it on your computer at the office. The amazing thing is that results can be seen in as little as one week! Fatigue, stress, insomnia and signs of depression can be relieved just by using the SAD light. The Syrcadian Blue technology triggers the same hormone production as a cloudless day. Serotonin is the key hormone in the body that the light helps to generate thus creating a feel good vibe in the user.

The Syrcadian Blue Light Therapy Device can also be purchased with optional car accessories allowing the SAD light device to be used while in the car. You can take advantage of blue light therapy during your daily commute or while you are running errands. This is by far the most convenient light therapy device available on the market to date. Not only is the Syrcadian Blue Light convenient, but the price is very reasonable. The money saved by not needed antidepressant medications will easily offset the cost of the SAD lamp. Even those who do not suffer from SAD but just need an extra boost of energy or a better night’s sleep can enjoy the benefits offered by blue light therapy. This is a product that everyone should not only own, but should use on a daily basis. Order your Syrcadian Blue Light SAD lamp today to start reaping the benefits of blue light therapy.

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